Where it All Began

“It’s a small world”, “they” say. “You’re only ever an email away. And there’s always Skype. It’ll be like we’re in your living room.”

This is true.

Until you have a baby. Then you want your family. Really there. Sitting on your real couch. You want real smiles, not smilies. And you want someone to use their real hands to take your very real little monster (I mean munchkin) for an hour or so, so you can regain some sanity.

The sad truth is, however, that many of the “villagers” have dispersed. This is the unfortunate situation Hannah and I find ourselves in. We’re both a plane-ride away from our parents. So those hands a new mom finds so helpful can do little but offer their loving support virtually.

We both had a realization soon after having our little bundles of cuteness. If we were going to survive this insane transition into motherhood with little help, no sleep and hyperactive hormones, we’d have to form a family of our own.

So, after working out how to put the baby in the car seat and the car seat in the car, along with the pram. And the nappies. And the bum cream. And the wipes. And the dummy. And the Telament Drops. And the change of clothes. And. And. And… We bravely left the comfort and safety of our homes (about 4 hours later).

Well, thank goodness we did, because if we hadn’t we may never have met each other, or any of the other amazing girls that formed the rest of our postnatal family.

For us, maternity leave was just awesome. Together we had such a freakin’ riot. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t without its challenges, but those were worked through over copious amounts of (decaff) coffee and even the occasional glass of wine or two. Sssshhh don’t tell the lactation consultant.

As a new-found family we did a lot to shape the image of the modern-day mom (our FB pages will tell you so). Most importantly, however, we dispelled the major misconception that becoming a mom automatically makes you “momsie”.

Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to trade your heels in for hair curlers and Martha Stewart cookbooks. Yes, it’s hard, and your life is going to change. A lot! But you don’t have to stop being the incredible, stylish, independent woman you were before the arrival of your little one.

That’s why we’ve created this site. So this incredibly special time in your life can be made even more amazing with the company of other moms who, like you, want to keep their ‘cool’.

Remember to be awesome today.